Part I: Connecting Raspberry Pi to a Laptop using Wifi

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During this COVID-19 pandemic, my favorite activity at home is watching my fish. I love watching my clownfish rubbing his body against corals, goby sifting sand, and cleaner shrimp cleaning the rock. When I first set up my saltwater aquarium, one of my biggest concerns, was a heater. Since fish are sensitive to temperature changes, I wanted to buy a perfect heater for them. However, it wasn’t so easy (I read so many reviews about “cooked” fish!). …

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Sometimes, we face problems that we think are very easy to solve, but actually not so easy in real life. Two good examples of these are splitting a large worksheet into multiple worksheets based on cell values and deleting a big number of empty columns for each worksheet. Let me explain to you in more detail.

What are the problems?

We Can Extract Relevant Information from U.S. Job Descriptions and Visualize it.

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When you have a large volume of text files, extracting only relevant information is not so easy. It is complicated and time-consuming. For this reason, I want to show you how I used Regex to extract locations from U.S. job description.

Text File

Here is the structure of a job description. My goal is to extract only states from this text column.

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When I work on Python projects dealing with large datasets, I usually use Spyder. The environment of Spyder is very simple; I can browse through working directories, maintain large code bases and review data frames I create. However, if I don’t subset the large data, I constantly face memory issues and struggle with very long computational time. For this reason, I occasionally use Databricks. Databricks is a Microsoft Azure platform where you can easily parse large amounts of data into “notebooks” and perform Apache Spark-based analytics.

If you want to work with data frames and run models using pyspark, you…

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As the world becomes more integrated, we are more connected than ever. More students study abroad and more people travel around the globe. Whether it is for education or for tourism, when we go abroad or send money to a foreign country, we have to consider the exchange rate. For this reason, I created an automated notification system where we can get a Twitter alert when the exchange rate of designated currency drops or goes up.

In this article, I will explain how I scraped exchange rate data from yahoo finance and set up an automated notification system via Twitter…

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