Part I: Connecting Raspberry Pi to a Laptop Using Wifi

During this COVID-19 pandemic, my favorite activity at home is watching my fish. I love watching my clownfish rubbing his body against corals, goby sifting sand, and cleaner shrimp cleaning the rock. When I first set up my saltwater aquarium, one of my biggest concerns, was a heater. Since fish…

We Can Extract Relevant Information from U.S. Job Descriptions and Visualize it.

When you have a large volume of text files, extracting only relevant information is not so easy. It is complicated and time-consuming. For this reason, I want to show you how I used Regex to extract locations from U.S. job description.

Text File

Here is the structure of a job description. My…

Deborah Kewon

Data Analyst with a degree in International Relations— Lifelong Learner — Explorer

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